Welcome to the SPARC Online Network!


map2Welcome to SPARC’s newly developed Online Network. This Network has been developed to connect creators, presenters, producers, and animateurs of the performing arts in rural and remote communities. Why? Because amazing, innovative things are happening in rural areas and we also have particular challenges. Being able to connect and talk about them means that together we  can sustain, improve, and increase the performing arts in our communities. We know that having performing arts education, events and opportunities help make our communities better; they positively impact our economies, reduce social isolation, celebrate our local talent and share our stories.

We developed this Online Network to enable us to connect anytime, anywhere. The internet has its pros and cons, but its potential to unite rural communities is vast.

What can you do here? You can make a profile – personal or for your organization. You can connect it to your social media and website. You can friend others and message them. You can join groups on a topic you are interested in and/or start a group or forum if you have a new topic. This Online Network is new – so if you get an error or encounter an issue, let us know! Need a tour? Contact us – greg@sparcperformingarts.com.

Pretty much you can talk about anything on here as long as you talk respectfully. Should you disagree with someone, politely explain why and remember everyone has different experiences and opinions. Derogatory and offensive comments will not be tolerated. Racist, homophobic, sexist language will not be tolerated.